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Brunswick is the leading brand of sardines in Canada, caught off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and packaged in our plant in the beautiful community of Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick.

The Brunswick Story
The Brunswick brand story began in Canada well over 100 years ago. Connors Bros. is a Maritime success story. Incorporated in 1893, it has earned the distinction of spanning three centuries of operation, providing premium seafood products to people around the world and bearing a legacy as proud as the seagoing folk of the Maritimes.
Around 1885, brothers Lewis and Patrick Connors began fishing the waters off Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, Canada, in a small, open boat named "Hummingbird". A few years later, they built a fishing weir to capitalize on the sizable stocks of sardine-sized herring that appeared in the clear, cool waters of the Bay of Fundy each summer. Inspired by their leadership, other fishers arrived and began constructing weirs, an opportunity not unnoticed by the ever-industrious Lewis Connors, who soon opened a general store to provide the newcomers with essentials.

About 1889, the brothers tried their hands at canning blueberries and then baked haddock (Finnan Haddie). The product line was quickly expanded to include canned scallops and clams, which were produced in significant quantities. Always wanting to do more, the brothers brought canning equipment from Eastport, USA to Blacks Harbour, NB, Canada and began canning sardines in cottonseed oil and mustard. Business grew, and with it their appetite to expand. In 1893, the two formed a joint-stock company, appropriately naming it Connors Bros., Limited. Two years later, the company started producing machine-made cans, a welcome advance from the days of hand-production. With this efficiency, larger warehouses and new buildings were required. The fishing fleet grew too and other processing plants were acquired.


The Brunswick brand name soon resonated with consumers across Canada, and afterward in many foreign countries. Over the years Connors continued to innovate and modernize its operations to become the world's largest processor of canned sardines. It is because of our unwavering commitment to quality and continued innovation that Brunswick is now a leading brand of canned seafood in over 60 countries around the world, including the Caribbean islands.

When the West Indies needed food aid after a natural disaster in the 1950s, the Canadians sent them sardines as part of the relief effort. Since then, generations of West Indians have grown up with Brunswick Sardines and the tasty and spicy flavours have developed around them.
Brunswick Sardines and Seafood Snacks are still made today in a variety of delicious sauces at Connors' state-of-the-art processing plant in New Brunswick, Canada. All products must meet high quality standards before they are able to carry the Brunswick name.
In addition to being a name you can trust, Brunswick Sardines are power-packed with nutrients - Omega-3, calcium, iron, potassium, protein, vitamin B-12, riboflavin and vitamin D. Enjoy Brunswick Sardines every week as part of a healthy lifestyle.
Eating two cans of Brunswick Sardines a week provides between 2 and 3 grams of the omega-3 you need to promote good health.
Go ahead, open a can today. It's a Healthy Habit!



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